SA heaps good photographers #015 – Samantha Lodge

Samantha Lodge is a nature-loving photographer who is a great example of a photographer knowing their local area intimately and importantly, showing up at sunrise and sunset to make the most of the conditions.

I especially love Samantha’s simple yet powerful telephoto compositions that are balanced and pleasing to the eye

Samantha uses her camera to capture coastal Adelaide and the way the coast varies according to the seasons, tides, and time of day.

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SA heaps good photographers #014 – James Fitzroy

As a fellow desert lover, James Fitzroy’s work is a pleasure to peruse. I get the sense that James knows the desert pretty well. He loves the Flinders Ranges, as many do, but he has his own consistent style and subject matter.

He is also a true wanderer, who keeps an open mind on location and doesn’t rush the process. The end result is that James captures the essence of what it means to be in the desert with grace, elegance, and originality.

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SA heaps good photographers #013 – David Dahlenburg

David Dahlenburg’s photography is striking, to say the least. His aerial work shows the perhaps unexpected beauty of human-altered landscapes and the majesty of natural forms. Often, the two are hard to tell apart.

Indeed, David’s images invite contemplation. This I believe is one of the hallmarks of great photography. The viewer is invited to think about what they are looking at and what the photographer might be trying to communicate.

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Why you should fall in love with the process – lessons from Vincent van Gogh

In 2005, staff from The Phillips Collection and The Cleveland Museum of Art began an eight-year journey studying the creative process of Vincent van Gogh.

What they found contradicted popular opinion about van Gogh and the way in which he worked.

As early as 1883, van Gogh began recreating his own paintings. He would sketch a scene from life, and then reproduce it on a blank canvas in his studio.

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SA heaps good photographers #012 – Pamela Inverarity

Pamela Inverarity’s approach to photography is something we can all learn from. Her philosophy is very much focused on never losing your sense of awe and wonder and getting to know your local area intimately.

And, of course, this is reflected in Pamela’s work. Outback roads with outback fences, golden light dancing across desert hills and ancient mountains. Flowers blooming in seemingly desolate areas or majestic Eucalypts bathing in floodwaters.

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On passion, and why you must suffer to succeed in photography

Passion, it turns out, comes from the Latin pati — or that which must be endured, suffered or experienced.

In modern usage, the word has rosier connotations. To discover one’s passion is the crème de la crème of life goals.

But what does it mean to be passionate about photography?

What sort of characteristics should the passionate photographer have?

Passion, as we’ll discover, is a journey of hard graft.

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SA heaps good photographers #011 – Karen Waller

Karen Waller is a photographer who thinks about her images. Her portraiture work reflects a deep understanding of the human condition and that everyone has a story to tell.

Her landscapes depict the raw beauty of natural (and sometimes man-made) form – with compositions that are elegant but striking in their simplicity.

Karen also reminds us that a lot of work is undertaken before the shutter is pressed.

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These are the three demons you must slay to succeed in photography

Have you ever walked down the street and then tripped on the uneven pavement?

Regaining your balance, you watched as your sunglasses went flying through the air. A hot rush of embarrassment coursed through your veins in a matter of seconds.

But, as you glance around timidly, not one of the handful of people in your vicinity has noticed. And if they did, they sure aren’t making a big fuss of it.

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