These are the three demons you must slay to succeed in photography

Have you ever walked down the street and then tripped on the uneven pavement?

Regaining your balance, you watched as your sunglasses went flying through the air. A hot rush of embarrassment coursed through your veins in a matter of seconds.

But, as you glance around timidly, not one of the handful of people in your vicinity has noticed. And if they did, they sure aren’t making a big fuss of it.

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You are not your Instagram account!

There was a time in my not too distant past when I was more preoccupied with increasing my following on Instagram than I was actually making great photographs.

One particular member of a Facebook group that I was a part of created a thread stating that they were stuck on 15.9K followers, and wanted to know what they could do to increase that to 16K and beyond.

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What Colonel Sanders can teach us about our photography

Consider the story of Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of KFC and not a photographer in the slightest. He lost his father at the age of 6 and became responsible for feeding his siblings. Sanders subsequently developed a passion for cooking, refining a fried chicken recipe over the ensuing decades.

Long before KFC was a commercial success, he tried his hand at being a railway worker, a streetcar operator and a life insurance salesman, among other things.

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Ego is not a dirty word

The opening verse of the Skyhooks song, Ego Is Not A Dirty Word, goes like this;

Generally speaking, the word has negative connotations. If you have an ego, then it is implied that you hold yourself in too high a regard.

But in their 1975 hit, the Skyhooks hinted at a more multi-faceted definition.

What does this mean for your photography?

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