The missing link between mindfulness and creativity

As photographers, we are obviously interested in our subjects. 

But are we curious about them? Are we curious enough to ask questions?

Mindfulness is how we see deeply and perceive the world uniquely. We come to understand the beautiful, interconnected nature of all things and learn how we relate to subjects we want to photograph.

For example, we may find a beautiful plant with vibrant yellow flowers growing on the forest floor.

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On mindfulness photography, and how it positively impacts your mental health

During the darkest days of my depression, photography was the sole activity that brought me any relief.

It helped me concentrate on something other than the maelstrom of thoughts swirling around in my head. The fog would lift, if only for a minute or two.

How had photography resisted the all-enveloping gloom of mental health disorder and become such an important part of my life?

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The true power of mindfulness photography and how to harness it

While I have written about mindfulness photography before, I’d like to delve a little deeper this time and stress why it is so very important to your evolution as a photographer.

Mindfulness as a practice originated in the Zen school of Chinese Buddhism, dating back to the latter part of the 7th century A.D.

It is a state of awareness in the present moment that is attentive, non-judgemental and engages all of the senses.

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How Claude Monet can make you a better photographer

French impressionist artist Claude Monet loved water lilies. In fact, his well-known Water Lilies series featured approximately 250 paintings of his private water garden.

Monet enjoyed the transience of nature, that all moments were fleeting and no two were the same.

By extension, no two scenes were the same. He would often paint the same scene several times over, with the only variables being the time of day, weather, or season.

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