SA Heaps Good Photographers #005 – Justine Taylor

Through her prose and her photography, Justine articulates the beauty and grandeur of country SA so very well. In a past life I used to live in the Mid North, so I find her work tremendously comforting and nostalgic.

Similar to my previous guest, Mel McKinlay, Justine is all about documenting the moment in time. She also has an intuitive sense of composition, understanding that less is often more and that there is a certain elegance associated with minimalism and the use of negative space.

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SA heaps good photographers #004 – Mel McKinlay

Without even looking at the username, I can invariably tell when one of Mel’s shots appears in my feed.

She has a remarkably consistent style and skilfully uses filters to produce calming, ethereal images that are beautifully composed and feature deep, rich colours.

Mel is able to translate the emotion of a gorgeous sunrise into a photograph like no other photographer I know.

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SA heaps good photographers #003 – Alex Frayne

Please enjoy this extended interview with Alex Frayne, acclaimed photographer of the banal and unembellished. Alex has a comforting, almost nostalgic way of documenting people going about their lives and of ordinary, every-day stuff. I appreciate Alex’s deep focus and attention to a subject or series, and commitment to photographing the world as it is.

I highly recommend that you check out his portfolios at

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SA heaps good photographers #002 – Josiah Stanfield

Josiah Stanfield is a guy who I can relate to. We share a love of Christian Fletcher and a passion for South Australian landscapes among other things. Importantly, he wants to impart that passion onto others.

He has an unshakeable enthusiasm for the craft of photography and shoots with the big picture in mind (pun intended). I think this (very) young man is going places and I look forward to watching his work evolve.

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SA heaps good photographers #001 – Rowan Summerfield

Welcome to SA heaps good photographers! One night I was laying in bed and had the idea to interview some South Australian photographers and try to understand what makes them tick – what drives them, inspires them and motivates them to make photographs.

It’s a subject I find very interesting, and I hope you do too. Furthermore, I wanted to showcase our state and the fabulous work of the photographers who document it.

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